Fitbit launches training to assist in achieving the objectives of health, physical


The company Fitbit has created some wonderful products which are targeted at those who love to remain active and structure of the physical characteristic. Launched the company’s new service recently to attract different group of customers. This new service called Fitbit Care, which is basically a service new training will help users stay on track to achieve their health goals and help them get the physique they want. The service is associating their trainers who will work with them throughout their athletic journey.

Although the company is focused on the average consumer through the products that were launched until now, the service Fitbit Care more targeted health systems or employers who want to track the health status of the employees to keep medical costs under control.

Service Fitbit Care you will provide users with a special training so that they can commit to plans, fitness, weight loss, and chronic disease management. Will Data play a role in ensuring the achievement of the goals. Will Fitbit Care with a new app called Fitbit Plus, you’ll be able to pull data from the devices, Fitbit in addition to control blood pressure.

The health insurance company Humana already choose the Fitbit Care eyeliner preferring to train a group of employers. Will be able to more than 5 million members in Humana access health solutions and training for your Fitbit through a range of programs.


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