Fitbit offers hours the Versa Lite modern colors completely new

Two weeks ago, leaked several images hours Versa new by site TechnoBuffalo, although the source of these photos was completely sure of it’s new smart watch, but many may thought they are just versions with different colors of the Fitbit Versa, given that the design is the same.

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However, the famous warrior Evan Blass believes that it is a new smart watch from Fitbit, even if its design resembles the original version. Apparently, the Fitbit will apply to this hour the name of the Versa Lite, suggesting that it will come at a cheaper price.

And also it opens the new version to some of the specifications and functions of the existing version of the original, regardless of the design, so that the design of the Versa Lite looks like a design version of the original perfectly, but with new colors including; light blue, purple, pink and silver.

It is worth mentioning that the hours Fitbit Versa are currently available in the United States at the price of $ 200 in black, gray, pink light.


I know of

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