Five features characterized by maps Apple Maps Google!

Trying to Apple to use their apps on devices iPhone own and that, for many reasons, including privacy and integration with other Apple services.

خمسة ميزات تتميز بها خرائط آبل عن خرائط جوجل!

Five features characterized by maps Apple Maps Google!

But after the availability of Google Maps application systems of faith has become puzzling to any two applications the best application Apple maps or Maps application Google?!

We will present you today some of the nurses that may make the application of Apple maps is better for many users, but the final choice remains to the user preferences.

Main features of the Maps application Apple:


When you use Apple maps you will not need to login, but app provides features such as traffic information and direct communication and control of the most famous places of the sea without the need to log your data.

Is to use the Google Maps application in the integration with application to book tickets and excursions by knowing the point of the beginning of the journey and its end.

Integration with the assistant Siri

There is a perfect integration of Apple maps and assistant Siri so you can by saying the phrase “Hey Siri, give me directions home”

Where did Apple prevent the user from replacing the intelligent assistant Siri with no assistant other available.

Works on the Apple watch

Expect the Google Maps feature integrated within hours of Apple’s smartphone, where they say the vibration from the attention to determine trends.

The accuracy of Apple maps for the rest of the other maps

Featuring Apple maps accuracy and clarity unlike Google maps, where I didn’t give Apple maps any wrong information for years and the accuracy compared to the 85 %.

Do you see that the maps Apple the best or Google Maps? Join us with your opinion in the comments..

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