Five of the most popular and colorful games on the blockchain

Industry decentralized technologies gradually intersects with the gaming industry. Developers use the blockchain to create a unique economic models that can be implemented in online games. As a result, users possess valuable digital assets in games and can dispose of them at its discretion. So far, the ideas of the authors are in the early stages of development but already there are worthy projects. Here are five of the most famous of them.

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Gods Unchained

Developers Gods Unchained received media attention after critics of the gaming industry giant Blizzard Entertainment. Recently, Blizzard banned a professional player card game Hearthstone is in open support of the protesters in Hong Kong.

Against this background, a blockchain startup urged other gamers to join their game, where each card is a unique token. By the way, recently one of the rare cards to Gods Unchained sold for 146.3 ETH. This is equivalent to approximately 26 thousand dollars at the current exchange rate, that is, rich players in it too.

Beyond the Void

In Beyond the Void embodied hybrid mechanics of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and real-time strategy. Unlike a traditional MOBA like League of Legend or Dota 2, Beyond the Void focuses on confrontations between the players in one-on-one. Through the use of the blockchain, players can own unique resources and exchange them for real money.


CryptoKitties was the first blockchain-a game that attracted a lot of attention in the media. It is based on collecting and combining unique tokens. The tokens presented in the form of “cryptoquotes”, which can be very rare. Some of these copies can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

The peak of the game’s popularity peaked in 2017. As of December of that year it spent the equivalent of $ 12 million.

My Crypto Heroes

What do Jack the Ripper, Marie Antoinette and Santa Claus? All of them are collectible characters in My Crypto Heroes, where many historical figures and legendary characters turn into a normal role fighters. Each player can create their own unique team of heroes, which you can send into battle in the arena. Your skills are improving over time, it is possible to sell or buy tokens with GUM.

Spells of Genesis

Another version of the card game. Fights between players in Spells of Genesis depend on their unique token, which in turn represent magical spells. The gameplay is simple enough like most of the blockchain-games.

Recall, they are still in the early stage of its development, so in future we can expect more interesting applications of decentralized technologies in this field.

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