Flagship 2019 can be recharged in less than half an hour

Qualcomm held an official event, which presented the technology fast charging Super Charge the new generation. Thanks to the smartphones can be charged up to 50% in just 15 minutes, and after dispersing the updates even faster. This is the best indicator on the market. The previous industry leader — technology Super VOOC from Oppo allowed to fill the battery of the mobile device to 100% in 35 minutes.

According to representatives of Qualcomm, the company’s engineers managed to achieve such a high speed charging with the principle of trempitchneda. So, Super Charge 4+, which is equipped with modern smartphones, uses only two threads, providing power output at 18 watts. Additional, third flow allows to increase this figure to 32 watts with a larger dissipation. This allows not only to reduce the time spent by a unit from the outlet, but also further reduce the wear of the battery.

Fast wireless charging

In addition to increasing the speed of the traditional method of energy transmission by cable Qualcomm intends to accelerate and wireless charging. The company plans to achieve this through updated technology, Fast True Wireless Charging, which will be equipped with smartphones 2019 model year. The newest decision maker chipsets will provide a compatible charging stations, support output power up to 15 watts vs 12 watts now.

Snapdragon 855

Qualcomm did not disclose the name of the future commercial fast-charging technology, stressing that it will be available to manufacturers early next year. Obviously, the manufacturer will reveal more information about the original development for the following presentations on the release of its flagship Snapdragon chipset 855, which traditionally will be held in December in Hawaii.

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