FLO — glide along the horizon

To see the horizon in the big cities is difficult — usually the form of a block of high-rise buildings. But if you want, you can. Help unusual arcade FLO. It control the ball and bring it as far as possible, parallel to this, destroying the records of your friends.

The game is simple. Before us the horizon, which then goes up, then gradually decreases. It rolls the ball. Movement automatic — speed cannot be influenced. But the trajectory can change.

This will help taps. One tap on the screen sends the ball below the horizon. Another tap will return it to the place.

The problem is reduced to the timely switching between the different sides of the horizon. If you do not go down when the race up the mountain, the ball will fly into the sky, loudly falls to the ground and will significantly drop the speed. Here we are likely to overtake the Wall of death, which is racing from behind.

In addition, diving for the line will allow you to pick up speed when lifting up. Trip at top accelerates downward movement.

To interfere with the gameplay will be mines. As soon as you see an obstacle in your path, then jump to the opposite side of the horizon. If it blows, darkness will once again absorb the ball, and the game will end.

In FLO good social component. The game see friends ‘ scores via social networks and displays them on a course of movement. As soon as your result will exceed the numbers of other ball rounds will break the wall account. A trifle, but nice.

In the end FLO joins the list of arcade games that can entertain in a spare moment. Bonus — action-music, which is very accurately conveys the atmosphere of persecution.

Application: FLO
Developer: Rogue Games
Category: Arcade
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 55 people

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