FLOCHAT.. platform chat local new in the UAE

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The latest application Flochat a paradigm shift in the world of instant messaging applications with solutions lifestyle integrated andartificial intelligence evolving, giving users the opportunity to chat, make bookings, purchase orders, and complete are the business dealings through a single platform.

Based on its components built and enhanced the potential of Artificial Intelligence, the application of greater Intelligence through the extensive use of machine learning technologies understanding natural language, which provides users a degree of comfort, integration and easy access to needs of daily services.

Experienced application Flochat Christian is a remarkable development since its launch in October 2017 with the accession of more than 10 thousand users during the first six months of the offer, in the first quarter of 2018, increased the activities of users Flochat by 20 percent on a monthly basis, as the proportion of the participation of messages with an increase of 200 percent in January 2018, compared to December 2017, and ranged from the ages of big slice of App users between 25-34 years, also increased the pace of app downloads among the younger over the last few months.

The latest application Flochat evolving paradigm shift in the world of text messages and conversations foundations of communication via mobile phones, allowing users a wide spectrum of advantages, starting from the chat and make bookings, purchase orders, through to complete business transactions and surf the web and share content through a single platform.

Users can communicate seamlessly through the app of the famous local built-in Flochat such as service Zomato to ask for food, and the location of the Groupon for Deals and order a taxi from a company the cream or aweber, search for content via the Bing engine, and share videos with friends on YouTube.

Is considered a personal assistant Floda the tariff and enhanced technology, artificial intelligence of the highlights of the functionality that the application Flochat, enjoy the plugin default values to adapt to user behavior and preferences, and the rankings predict the intentions of the user, as well as his ability to switch context, and reacts 15 percent of users with Floda via the request for information, make bookings and organize activities.

And don’t get the advantages of the application, providing features such innovative EmoGIFS that convert emoji in the mobile phone to the moving image that allows the expression of the need to better filter the scattered images, the options are endless to modify, delete sent messages, in addition to advantage to Stitch the New which allow you to capture selfies multiple in one window by using filters enjoyable to view the different moods, where she works on the integration of user images together to devise a new way and see the pictures of the selfie.

Said Zoe free, Managing Director for Flochat in the United Arab Emirates: “we are very pleased in the app to consumers in the United Arab Emirates, which represents an important market place of sports in harnessing innovation and strengthening, drawing on Flochat, we are working to raise standards of the traditional concept of instant messaging, and achieve behaviour change noticeable in the habits of correspondence, he succeeded the application in the quantum leap in the quality Department experienced little changes during the eight years of the former, and works to change the rules of the current contact list”.

As users can experience the app here: iOS andAndroid.

FLOCHAT.. platform chat local new in the UAE

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