Fluent Forever new application designed to help people learn new languages

In particular fills Store Google Play hundreds of apps that help the user to learn a new language, and each application has its own way in education. Today with us-one new applications in this area, and the application name of the Fluent Forever, which comes in a way you know exactly coincide with our understanding of the current science of how memory.

Fluent Forever تطبيق جديد صمم لمساعدة الأشخاص على تعلّم لغات جديدة

In detail, the construction of application of Fluent Forever on the way to Learning Trust, which developed the “Gabriel Live”, which was the need to learn multiple languages quickly and keep them forever.

After that the development of products Fluent Forever school my pronunciation to a bestselling book, and now he is coming in the form of a full application.

However, you will discover the immersive experience via your smart phone designed to reconnect your mind to speak a new language fluently.

In relation to the idea coming to him, rather than distract you or entertain you, such as applications to other languages.

No adds Fluent Forever time, and instead, makes you instantly apply and the sounds of your target language correctly, and then efficiently learn the most used words and drive them to your memory.

Finally you can build sentences, naturally using words that you know and exercise your speech fluently.

In short, with this app, if you are serious about speaking in the new language, the you’ll get there faster.

Here, the app relies on the principles of creating flashcards personal and mutual, and it depends on the learning tools are extremely powerful, which works to improve the memory capacities of your mind.

These principles include the following:
  • Train your ears with pronunciation tutorials.
  • Vocabulary learning through pictures rather than translations.
  • Learn grammar naturally through the story relevant to you.
  • Practice your speech fluently.

Finally, the application of Fluent Forever tutorial currently supports different languages the following:

“Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Korean,” that supports the mood through to the next stage.

By the way, the app is available free to download both on Android or iOS, that includes elements of buying a Internal, you can see the price immediately charged to investigate.

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