Flying cars is close. And as you the concept of “flying trains”?

The future of passenger transportation we can expect without a doubt very interesting. We have already proposed the idea of high-speed vacuum trains, moving at speeds over 1000 kilometers per hour, the concepts of Autonomous aircraft that will be used as a personal taxiand passenger planes capable of reaching a speed 5 times the speed of sound. We even promised rocket that will be used to transport people from one city to another. If you think that the engineers over crazy ideas, you are wrong.

Meet the newcomer – the company Akka Technologies with its concept of “flying trains”. The idea of the concept of Link & Fly encourages you to make air transportation as easy as, say, the subway. Why spend time in transplantation from one vehicle to another on the way to the airport, if you can just go to the nearest train station and hop on a special coach that will take you straight to the airport? There the car will bring to the runway, and practicuum to the carrier aircraft, which will take you to the desired place. On arrival the car (body) will otstegat carrier apparatus and transferred to the local train station where you will be able to continue their journey.

“After the car will fully switch to electric and become Autonomous, the next big change in the field of passenger transport expects the aircraft,” — expressed his opinion in an interview with Bloomberg, CEO of the Akka Technologies Maurice Ricci.

In the European market the French company Akka Technologies has partnered with companies such as Airbus, Renault and Dassault offering the latest technological solutions in advanced transport services. Among the interests of the company – the technology of unmanned vehicles, as well as developments in the field of technologies aimed at improving the efficiency of air transportation. Wanting to increase its influence in the U.S. market, Akka Technologies recently unveiled its concept Link & Fly at Boeing. In an interview with Bloomberg Maurice Ricci also noted that their idea of a “flying train” expressed the interest of several transport companies from Asia.

The concept of Link & Fly presented in the 162-passenger aircraft with a maximum payload of up to 21,000 pounds. The device carrier has features of a conventional aircraft with wings and deltabase according to performance, will be able to transport at a distance of up to 2,200 km at a cruising speed of 0.82 Mach (980 km/h) and maximum ceiling height of 12 000 meters. Akka Technologies is also hoping to develop a long-range version of the machine, as well as unmanned, designed for freight.

The concept is incredibly ambitious, to say the least. Because it will not only require the development of entirely new aircraft, but also changes all existing infrastructure for the delivery of the flying car from the train station directly on the runway. In the near future we will not see. Nevertheless, the idea is a very unique approach to air transport. Yes, and it’s hard to deny the attractiveness of the opportunity to sit in the same transport near to your house and exit right next to the right place for several thousand kilometers.

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