Flying higher: 12 reasons to start the year of Bitcoin

This morning, Bitcoin has again set the annual maximum value, approaching the level of 6900 dollars. For the past day main crypto currency increased by 7.1 percent, and the chart clearly shows the formation of a new uptrend. Over the past few weeks have Bitcoin I have accumulated quite a lot of reasons to start bullrun.

A total of twelve.

Technical indicators

Graphics cryptocurrencies talk about the growth. Given the dynamics of the activity of the bulls, the asset can jump up to 10 thousand dollars in the next couple of weeks.

Fidelity Investments

According to Bloomberg, one of the largest investment companies in the next few weeks will represent to the institutional investors new trading tools to the crypt.

American brokers

TD Ameritrade and E*Trade also join the race.

New money

Out of the stock market is a huge money supply, which soon will be invested in digital assets.

Afraid to miss bullrun

With the beginning of the year the Bitcoin has risen in price almost twice. A very good reason to start to worry about lost profits.

Source: TravelWyoming

The crypt is still alive

In ten years of existence of Bitcoin skeptics predicted its “death” hundreds of times. Realizing the full potential of the blockchain, the opponents of cryptocurrencies even offer out in the open to deal with digital assets.

Facebook Coin

Despite the fact that FB Coin technically is a competitor to Bitcoin, its promotion will have a positive effect on popularity all across the industry.

Nike Coin

Recall, April 19 Nike has trademarked “Cryptokicks”. Representatives EthereumWorldNews suggest that private tokens from global corporations can be even better than FB Coin.

The stock market “Matures”

The recent negative news from the stock exchange Bitfinex has had almost no impact on the growth of Bitcoin. Bulls take matters into their own hands.


The largest blockchain-the conference will start a few hours later, and after her Bitcoin almost always grows. This year should not be an exception.

Network status

In April, the number of Bitcoin transactions has almost reached a new historic maximum.

The economic crisis

Because of its independence, the Bitcoin may be the only asset which will help large investors to survive the potential crisis.


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