Fold Galaxy 2 will be much cheaper than you thought

About the Samsung Galaxy Fold talked a lot before its release. Everyone was waiting for, discussed, poked a finger into the crease on the screen. Then he finally came out and after that conversations become even more. Broken screen, loose coating and other schools. Bloodthirsty crowd, as usual, missed nothing. All the while of its existence, including the draft, everyone expected that the price will be lower, but somehow it did not work. It’s hard not to agree that there are objective reasons. Now it’s time for a significant price reduction.

While we don’t know exactly what will be Fold Galaxy 2.

How much is a Galaxy 2 Fold?

Recall that the original Samsung Galaxy Fold 1 980 dollars. Of course, it is possible to find and more expensive machines, but certainly there will be little and hardly can be called a serial. Against this background of prices, even prices on ceramic models Galaxy S and iPhone 11 Pro Max no longer seem so large. Of course, he has one distinguishing feature that the others don’t, and it really is of interest, but how often do we write in the comments: “I don’t want to be a tester for the money”. However, if a phone you really need, now it was only a question of money. Before he did, and for a lot of money could not buy.

It is not excluded that in the near future to buy a folding smartphone will become even easier. At least, according to South Korean news portal iNews24, price Galaxy 2 Fold may be only 1 million… South Korean won. It’s only 860 dollars at the current rate or 660 pounds. The second listed price is slightly higher and amounts to $ 1,290, which is still significantly cheaper than the first generation smartphone.

Looks interesting. Would have bought this version for about $ 1,000?

You can argue with these publications as they are received from the source environment for mobile operators. Naturally, names are not called, so no specifics there.

When you can buy Fold Galaxy 2?

If the article reads true and Apple will cost about two times cheaper, it will be a great news for those who are interested but couldn’t or didn’t want to pay 2000 dollars for a smartphone. Even if the cost reduction is due to the weaker performance, it will still be nice, as nobody cares about six cameras and many other tinsel, which in this smartphone is absolutely not the main. People just want to touch the future. This future is the display in General the revolutionary Galaxy Fold.

Let us fantasize in our Telegram chat on the topic of what the Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold.

If you believe the publication, there is a strong likelihood that the new Samsung Galaxy 2 Fold will be shown at the Samsung Unpacked event simultaneously with the smartphone Galaxy series S20. Don’t think that anyone was surprised, as about this development as we had expected. But now the confidence became a little bit more.

What will be the Galaxy 2 Fold

There are many rumors, some of which contradicts itself. One smartphone will be made in the form factor of the Galaxy first Fold, and second — it will look similar to the Motorola Razr and will open as an old “clamshell”. This solution looks more promising, as, perhaps, it will reduce costs and make the smartphone cheaper. In addition, there is no big sense to produce the same smartphones every year. The change-over “clamshell” will attract a new audience. Especially considering that the news about the Motorola Razr was perceived very positively.

Options Galaxy 2 Fold.

There are even rumors that the new smartphone will be called differently, namely, Bloom Galaxy or Galaxy Z Flip. Common sense in this, as it is due to the names it will be easier to split the model, if the novelty will really open up not like last year’s camera.

In any case, the release of the new unusual smartphone will be pleasant to all. Fans of technology will appear food for thought and discussion, and the company has a trump card that she will use in the competition. If the price will be really reduced, we can say that the cheaper technology is coming faster than we thought. It is even possible to assume that sales of the Galaxy Fold first generation was really good and the company was able to recapture part of the cost of development. In the end, she can now reduce the price on future devices with flexible displays. If so, we can only be glad for the company and for us. Give more smartphones! Finally got the opportunity to make them really different.

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