Folders LED your mess S10 may lead to disabling NFC to the phone

After that Samsung announced the group Galaxy S10 representative of the modern over the past week, the company also maintained LED innovative and customized for this group.

Containing these widgets on LED lights embedded at the bottom, which can be configured to display different things, ranging from the icons to the dim lights. In general, sign this clipboard a new fantastic advantages besides protecting the phone.

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But unfortunately, it seems that this portfolio will disable NFC on the phone. When the function is LED by the province, will be turned off NFC on the phone Galaxy S10 automatically, and will therefore stop the service, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and any other service that relies on NFC.

If you want to activate the NFC technology, you will need to go to the list of the clipboard and turn off the LED lights.

Of course, the integrated circuits of the portfolio, is responsible for disabling NFC technology, given that the signal NFC may interfere with them if you run them at the same time. For this reason, Samsung has decided to give her.

Did not stop this bus for sale yet, so there is a low probability that the company is adding a function called Run LED lights and NFC at the same time.


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