Folding smartphone from Xiaomi for $ 1,000: laughter through tears

Emerged from nowhere trend on foldable smartphones did not leave indifferent almost anybody. But if the consumers of the violent reaction to prices, you cause commotion among the manufacturers was the realization that they weren’t the pioneers in this field. The result of this disappointment were the various attempts of many vendors to Express themselves, causing all sorts of plums and insider leaks. No exception and Chinese Xiaomi.

According to the authoritative resource iGyaan, Xiaomi company expects to release its own foldable smartphonewhose appearance we have already evaluated earlier, closer to the summer. In this case, according to sources from the industry, the retail price of the device definitely will not exceed $ 1,000. This figure looks very attractive on the background of the fact that the competition offers that ask for their decisions twice a lot of money, scaring off clientele.

Why foldable smartphones are so expensive

But 2000-2500 dollars that Samsung and Huawei have evaluated your Galaxy Fold and Mate X clearly does not come from the ceiling. Clearly, this price manufacturers laid the cost of long-term research, investments in suppliers, flexible displays, and the production of matrices and hidden mechanisms of folding that easily pull half of the retail price of new products. Therefore, even if we assume that Xiaomi will get all the necessary achievements for free, it is very difficult to imagine a foldable smartphone can cost so cheap.

Foldable smartphone Xiaomi price

The only possible explanation for a potentially low price foldable smartphone Xiaomi may be due to the low quality used to manufacture components. It is possible that the Chinese, if only not to lose face in front of competitors can compromise the reliability of the folding matrix and its hardware. In the end, not just the same as Xiaomi decided to give all their smartphones 18, not a 12-month warranty.

And I’m not talking about the fact that consumers unfamiliar Xiaomi, a manufacturer of premium devices. And because it is so and will, in fact, be the camera for $ 1,000 on the background of polufugankom 200. I am absolutely sure that, Xiaomi release something like that, even the most devoted fans of the brand who always stood up for him, citing “national” pricing policy and, at best, suspect something amiss in his behavior, and at worst will deny it forever.

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