Follow JC Go! is as Pokemon Go, only about religion and characters from the Bible

Follow JC Go! game Catholic Evangelical organization Fundacion Ramon Pane. This is a game in the AR, which is directly borrowed from the Pokemon Go.

Only instead of pokemon there are characters in the Bible, instead of the process of catching pokemon — quiz on knowledge of religion, and instead of donations — donations to the Church. And no, as a man not related to religion, this is not banter. Moreover, the Pope Francis is already a fan of the game.

The principle of the game is clear to all who at least heard something about catching pokemon. You go to the real world, look at the phone screen and look for characters from the Bible. When you find it, you have to answer questions related to religion. If you give correct answers, found the character to join your team. Naturally, no fights or other aggression is not here. Moreover, if you pass the temple, the game will prompt you to go to pray.

The project was created in 2016 by the efforts of 43 employees. To develop it was spent 500 000 dollars (sponsorship and private donations) and 32 000 hours. The game is available on iOS and Android. However, so far only in Spanish, but soon the list of languages will expand.

From myself I will add that if you want to comment this news, please be correct, no matter how you refer to a religion as a whole and those of its actions in particular.

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