Fool the face detection in the phone OnePlus 6 Using the image printed

OnePlus 6

The advantage of opening via a face Unlock on your phone OnePlus 6 is not a new feature entirely, it has ever to buy the OnePlus that the inclusion of this feature in the phone OnePlus 5T. However, due to the lack of adoption of this feature on the sensor depth or the sensor three-dimensional, they are just using the front camera of the phone. The company OnePlus, why not add these ingredients to your phone for OnePlus 6 also, this means that the feature of Face Unlock in the phone OnePlus 6 also depend on the camera front, this in turn means that this water is not completely safe, and that’s really what prove a person now.

In fact, I have the user @rikvduijn on the Twitter network to establish the image of the printed face, the owner of the phone OnePlus 6, and was able to eventually open the phone within a few seconds using this printed picture. It is estimated that this method works also with images printed in black and white.

One might think that it won’t be easy to fool a facial recognition system, but the video tells a different story. It could be a different story if the phone contains the required components to sense depth and draw three-dimensional maps for the face. As a result, it will be of interest to note the phone OnePlus 6 rely on safer methods such as a PIN or a planning web or sensor fingerprints if they want to make absolutely sure not to enter anyone into their devices.

And the company OnePlus, in an official statement that it was designed to feature face recognition Face Unlock for comfort recommended is always that people are using other roads safer, the company added : ” for this reason, does not activate the face recognition feature for applications and sensitive information such as banking or authentication on payment processes. We are constantly working to improve all of our technology, including Face Unlock “.

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