Footage leaked of apps, Music and TV on system macOS 10.15

Expected to be announced the next version of the operating system macOS in the next week during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Yesterday, we shared screen shots leaked for iOS of 13, and we knew the night mode Dark Mode, and the Reminders updated, and one illustrative of the new company.

Today, we have the screen shots give us a glimpse of the figure who will sell you apps, Music and TV of the new operating system macOS 10.15 the next, which have been shared exclusively with website 9to5Mac by the developers of the system.

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Considers the application of the new music on iTunes. Offers apps, Music and TV design language are similar, with the side bar of the grey displays the content sections and a large area on the right to view the actual content.

What can also be seen in the screen shots is the return of the symbols of the sidebar is colored to a system of macOS.

تطبيقات Music وTV على نظام macOS 10.15

The application of Music on the system macOS 10.15 has the ability to synchronize the user’s devices such as the iPhone وiPods. The devices show in the sidebar just as they appear on iTunes. Has been moved the search bar to the sidebar, which integrates all of the categories Apple Music as well as local music library to the user, and imported from iTunes.

The application of the new TV offers a different method in the user library for online content, similar similar style to develop the Books of the new which will be submitted also in the operating system macOS 10.15. The toolbar at the top uses sections of “Watch Now” and”movies” and”TV shows”and”children” and”library”. Each section has its own sidebar with content categories.

تطبيقات Music وTV على نظام macOS 10.15

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