For all of us watching. But is it bad?

We live in an amazing time when information has become more valuable than any resources, oil, gas and gold. The one who has the information, can afford all this and more in 10-fold; however, if you are able to interpret them correctly. Obviously for this reason that now the information is in particular need of protection. Sounds like a beautiful speech of the head of a technology Corporation? Yes, it is from them we often hear about “security”, “privacy”, “privacy”… but there is also a downside.

In addition to the increased risk of malicious users, the information is carried along with them huge opportunities. Search engines actively create a virtual image of anyone who even occasionally visits the world wide web: they know what sites you visit, what are you interested in where you drive your child on the weekends, what kind of lipstick does your wife takes the laptop to make the order in the online store. This information the last few years has been successfully used by marketers, but it’s use is limited to showing the same ads to get you to buy something. And not always effectively: I remember I once bought a new electric razor, so I still have 2-3 weeks of “finished” is the razors. Why?

So now a huge array of data that is on each of us, used quite primitive. All the same what to give the child a crude orange — he’ll know what it is, but will not be able to use it effectively and, likely, in the end just make fruit ball.

How to use data effectively

To solve this problem in words very simple — to provide access to information to other organizations that could use the data in order to simplify our lives. For example, once you decide to take out a Bank loan, the company will know in advance how you are a diligent payer, do you have violations of the law, on what you want to spend the money — on your page in the social network and Internet will already be clear much. Now this check takes a few days and causes a lot of inconveniences.

By the way, many banks already HAVE this data. They just have NOT LEARNED to properly handle them. Or don’t want.

Or another example is if you decide to buy a new car, the dealer will know about your preferences from social networks, as well as on financial status, and he will not have to offer a premium sedan for 5 000 000 rubles. Instead, the consultant will propose a more individual approach which will save him time and you money.

“Citadel”, the largest data center in the world (Nevada, USA)

In fact, examples where information about you can greatly simplify your life in everyday things, a lot. Why nobody does?

First, the issue of security while all care more than efficiency of use of available tools. Many are afraid that information will fall into the wrong hands, but I don’t think of how active and social networking profiles can discredit a person who has nothing to hide. Another question — many want to keep silent about some aspects of his life, even if at first glance they seem to be “white and fluffy”.

I am in no way saying that data from the Network needs to get out into the open, but I for that they were at the disposal of those departments where it could be useful. How many times have I heard the dialogue in a particular place:

— And you can’t see in my database?

— Sorry, we do not provide such information.


— We do not provide this information.

And so the circle.

Why it will not happen

But there is a second reason why this is not feasible in the current situation.

And the reason for this was outlined in the first paragraph — the information was more valuable than any resources, oil, gas and gold. What happens when the oil market there is an excess? That’s right, the price of it falls sharply. Like any raw material or product here the law of supply and demand. And if the information will be accessible (and it will, if we will learn to properly handle), it will not be valuable. So why share the Holy Grail with someone else? After all

The one who has the information, can afford all this and much more in a 10-fold size.

The view that information should be available, now is not the most popular, and I would not be surprised if many will be disagree with me. Even in our editorial opinion is divided — that thinks about the extension of access to information editor Renat Grishin:

Today it sounds a bit… weird, or something. The current trend dictates maximum privacy, and for most users, the Network is not just words. Take the same Apple, which with each update increases the level of user privacy. However, in my opinion, these attempts sooner or later suffer a crushing defeat. Today, if you do not specifically puzzled, as you can see, if not all, very much. And it’s not about intelligence or your ISP. It is sufficient to find in the social pages. networks and spend a little time to study them. In the end, I think it will come to the fact that each person will have his “digital fingerprint” by which any services will be able to make a decision about issuing you a loan, the selection of the ideal travel, car and more. It’s only a matter of time.

Mikhail Korolev, owner i10.ruon the contrary, wants to bring the integration of AI with modern databases:

Honestly, I do not really understand how the scoring in banks at the moment. Maybe in other countries it works better, but in Russia it is in my personal opinion, is simply not available. I’m talking about the banks from the top 10. At the moment banks see all my purchases, expenses and receipts. Can sort purchases by category, geography of payments. It would seem — analyze, give the people the right products. And the output I, alpha Bank, customer with 10 years of experience with credit card 450 000 (not in minus) every month, offers to draw another card for 170 000 rubles. UniCredit Bank, with which I bought two new cars of an average price category, gave me a credit card at 35 000. And our company, which has a monthly turnover on the accounts from 1 million rubles, Alfa-Bank offers overdraft 120 000.

I really hope that all the scoring systems will switch to AI and will additionally receive access to our povsednevnoi life. I only that the Bank knew what I was interested in what I eat and where I go. Maybe then we will love and I will get more money for their desires, and the Bank will get more % with me.

We have already heard the news that the visa in the United States will have to provide all your social networks. When we find a new employee or contractor, we look first VC-TV-FB-Instagasm: they talk about human life, about his habits and interests a lot of crazy. It’s even better than the live interview. So why would the banks do not give such an opportunity? And those who want to hide their profiles they just sit in social networks under their real name or nicknames.

And I really shouldn’t go to extremes and say that “all eyes on us”. The proponents of this theory usually use for hiding Network activity and wear a tin foil hat often is brought to the point of absurdity. Need to catch balance, but do it just in name only. In fact, going to change mentality of people, it is no wonder that Rene Descartes wrote:

Our perception of the world distorted. The only method which you can use to get to the truth, is the path of proofs and refutations.

There is enough evidence, but when we stand this way? Tell us your opinion about it in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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