For beginners: use your fingerprints to ten on the iPhone,

Although many have moved from the fingerprint Touch ID to the fingerprint Face ID in the model of iPhone later, however, there is still a larger segment used to fingerprint the supported operating system iOS 12 the beginning of the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 8 Plus. You can only register up to five fingerprints. But there is a trick that might be unknown to you, you can use all your fingerprints the ten! But you can use five fingerprints you five prints to one another. How so?

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Didn’t Apple announce the trick to double the number of fingerprints that you can store using the Touch ID, maybe because it is not an advantage. But it may be of no use have lost the need to use any finger at any time, especially women during food preparation and cooking or otherwise.

The method of adding the five prints are known to have Friday, as for the addition of ten fingerprints, you can follow the below steps:

The settings of the initial fingerprints

◉ Get to the Settings, then Touch ID and pass code, then enter the passcode, if you don’t have any fingerprints registered before, you’ll find the section “imprint” and “add a fingerprint” in this case, go to the second point. And if you have a fingerprint registered you will see a list that prints the number of the finger.

◉ If you want to use all the hallmarks of your ten fingers, or use the fingerprints of five fingers of you, five fingerprints of someone else, you’ll need to delete all the fingerprints registered by the. Or delete fingerprint or two or any number you want. And to delete the fingerprint, click on any of the prints present and then delete the fingerprint.

When the fingerprint of one of the thumbs is the footprint of the main, prefer to keep them in one slot to prevent any malfunction of the viewer, and then add eight others to use any of them at any time.

◉ During the process of recording the fingerprint, you are prompted to iOS scans your thumb print is required in two stages, the stage to clear the area of the middle finger, and the other to clear the external parties insight in order to increase the accuracy of the footprint and use any finger no matter the position of the device.

◉ Start a new survey, click the ” add a fingerprint” . If you don’t have any fingerprints stored, you will get a screen with instructions. If you have already registered your fingerprints, you’ll be taken directly to the screen, “put your finger” or Place Your Finger to start immediately.

Silently record together in one place

The first way :

Register your fingerprint in the first phase, in this phase the focus is on the soles of the finger, in the meantime, move your finger a little bit to be recording his dialogue. And when it gets the system enough information the print, press follow and you will be taken to the second stage to facilitate the parties to the finger. At this stage register your fingerprint on the second and move it up and down, just like the first. And then tap Continue when finished.

The second way

In this way you can switch between the two fingers during the process of registration of the footprint until the end. Thus, I added silently in place of a single fingerprint.

After completion of silently recording the injury in one place, you can call it as you want like “Pinky left and right, index and middle fingers, and so on until there’s no confusion.

Thus, you can use any imprint of your fingerprints in the service of Apple Pay, and automatic filling of passwords, and install new applications. Given that iOS system may not have a complete picture of your fingerprints, “the settlement was actually about half a finger may not be accurate” so sometimes you may see a message “try again” use the password, then go to Settings promising fingerprinting again.

What do you think about these tricks? And did you know her? And do you see it useful for you? Tell us in the comments.



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