For EOSIO has released update 1.6.0. What’s new in this version of the Protocol?

The developers of EOS made the official announcement of the updates EOSIO 1.6.0, which should improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the network to fundamentally new strap. Information about the upgrade was posted in the official blog of programmers on Medium.

The new version EOSIO is not just fixed bugs and cosmetic improvements. The creators of the token claim that with this update, the transaction speed EOS will rise by at least half. The team will try to accommodate all needs and wishes of the developers of decentralized applications on the blockchain.

Why buy EOS

Apparently, EOSIO already demonstrates the increasing speed of transactions by 35 percent. Moreover, the developers dApps reported increased efficiency in the use of CPU and low latency in the block chain on the basis of EOSIO.

The project aims to improve “the generation, development and testing” smartcontract in the network.

EOSIO.CDT is designed to support Gnu and C++ 11. Upgrade should give programmers an easier way of announcement smartcontract structure and related data structures when creating applications.

The update also includes all necessary tools for easy and quick setup smartcontract. Every aspect of the new update version will be evaluated by third-party developers and by the community — each holder EOS has the ability to affect the progress of your opinion about the upgrade.

We will remind, EOS is positioned as something more than just a cryptocurrency. Is a decentralized platform for most efficient use of resources when working with dApps. At the moment, the EOS token is trading at 2.35 dollar. The coin is in fifth place in our ranking with a market capitalization of 2.12 billion.

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