“For God’s sake, to publish to all your friends”: an opinion about restrict WhatsApp to pass messages


I received a WhatsApp message recently famous is re-published widely each period, entitled “The sites of Jewish, Muslim names”. And the message from some of the sites that carry the names seemingly Islamic, but its progress in the content of a distorted image of Islam according to the message.

And, of course, urges the text of the message on the re-deployed “to the greatest possible number of the Muslims” so that they know about these sites and. The only problem here is that the letter include the addresses of the sites mentioned Pro you can click to go to the site directly. In other words, this is the message that warning at face value from these sites, if they only help publish them widely. I have no doubt that the original author of this message (which has been re-passed by the ignorance of millions of times) really wants to publish these sites to bring visits via this free advertising that people post voluntarily.

And again, I got a message begins with the following words: “I swear to God I’m going to publish this letter to all my acquaintances”. Then follows the information that you want the message passed and I forgot the theme now but it was something silly of course like talk about a conspiracy theory or about the benefits of sugar beet in the fight against cancer is hidden by “Western scientists”, or anything else of this crap. The problem is that the message I received from a friend educated, very knowledgeable and I don’t expect them to send such messages, and when I asked him about it, answered the poor fellow that the section that he read it involuntarily in the beginning of the message made him have to re-pass it even if I don’t approve of the content! There is no doubt that the original author of the message is laughing at length on my friend and his ilk.

Set up and you pay

You may see that the re-published messages, the brains and(if you don’t post then know that the devil stop you) is the subject of the laughable irony is no more, and no real damage. But in fact if we look more broadly at the subject from another angle, namely the Great Plains, which are now social media provides them in re-posting and passing messages, you’ll see that the topic may lead to serious results already, which is called WhatsApp recently to reduce the number of messages that can be re-passed once.

Murders in India

In India, for example, a rumor had spread through WhatsApp, stating that the gang you kill people to sell their organs, according to the message, care must be taken of this gang. Certainly most of the got their letter and re-passed by the contacts they have before to ensure the authenticity of the received. With time this became the message, as the information will no doubt have people. Have been subjected to more than two dozen innocent people to adopt a lot of ranged between the pressure and the humiliation to murder just because others complained -for some reason – that the victims are gang members, non-existing basis.

A welcome step from WhatsApp

To fight the spread of rumors and false News has WhatsApp recently modify the result to reduce the possibility of message passing and collectively.

Will be users of WhatsApp starting from this month, it has become more difficult to re-publish the messages. Where no return is possible to pass the message to more than two dozen people once after that it is possible to pass the message to a hundred people at a time. In India has been to reduce this number to only five.

Removed WhatsApp is also a button to “scroll fast” which appears under the audio and video clips photos. What requires an additional step to pass such content.

A viable solution is?

Question here: will this actually reduce the dissemination of messages that contain false information, whether those which speak about “the benefits of sesame oil in the treatment of cancer” or the most dangerous that has spread in India?

This of course will not end the existence of such messages, but it could happen to them actually. In fact, I wish I could challenge WhatsApp and publishing all at once the five contacts only to the whole world not in only India. But on all cases, making it difficult to re-pass messages will have two benefits:

  1. The extra effort required may make it wants to pass the message bored. In the end, may ask himself: “can the message about the benefits of pistachios in the treatment of cancer all these ignorant”?
  2. We hope that this additional effort may pay the company to re-think actually the health of the content before passing it

Fight the false news the battle is still long

We must not forget that it is not limited to WhatsApp, where is the use of social media from various Quarters for things like the manipulation of public opinion by spreading rumours and false news. Has indicated to some estimates, 40% of Americans have read at least one of the Russian publications on Facebook which were aimed at influencing the American election results over the exciting ethnic nationalism and dissemination of false news.

All the big companies like Google, facebook and twitter have a duty to reduce such messages, despite the fact that the companies listed actually started with such steps, however this is not yet sufficient. In the case of WhatsApp, like, I think it depends on the company, such as the development of algorithms that can distinguish messages that are passed on a large scale and attach them to warn refers to the probability of having false information within the message.

What do you think are the steps that companies must take to reduce the spread of false information? Does the user holds the preacher also the responsibility you have to alert the senders made the mistake of sending such messages I have received? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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