For lovers of games excitement try game Vector 2


I have game Vector to achieve great popularity in the world of mobile, prompting developers to launch the second generation of them, where the campaign of the new game the name of the Vector 2, which is think of games and fun adventures that require speed and accuracy, where you need the user to bypass the obstacles without falling until reach the finish line successfully in each stage.

Game Vector 2

The game provides a suggestion to users that they are in the future, where machines and computers on human life, events of the game begin from the research center is huge and very in the future, and the player is running to escape this facility, you will have to bypass all the obstacles that confront him, even to reach the finish line.

لعبة Vector 2Game Vector 2

The player must note that the contract increases the higher the player’s level, has been porting the game in this version with many updates of the personality of the game, including a set of tools to high technology, which helps the user to complete the stages of the game, and come at a distance of 95 MB only.

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