For Microsoft Windows.. how to scan your pc to detect any problem in the memory?!

The operating system provides the windows Windows, of Microsoft Microsoft, is an important tool to examine and discover any problem in the machine’s memory, the call management Memory Diagnostics Memory Diagnostic Tool, which scans the memory, and provide detailed report about it.

If you notice the disappearance or corruption of some files, you must run this utility to benefit from its advantages, and each doing so follow the below steps:

Log on to the “Start” Menu Start in Windows, type the phrase (windows memory diagnostic), and My Memory Diagnostics for Windows, and then press Enter.

Will you have a box of two Tests, either restart the computer immediately to run the tool and examine the problem of memory, or activation of the tool to do the opportunities when you start your computer the next time.

In both cases, will the computer with the beginning of the operation to the list of bots the Boot Menu, and the tool to its work in the examination of memory, you will see for yourself the percentage of the process of the examination, which takes mostly 10 minutes.

After the end of the scan, the computer will run the same, and will give you a detailed report of the results of the examination, and if there wasn’t a problem in the memory, will tell you the evidence of that (No Errors), and in the case of a problem, will tell you Microsoft need to communicate with your device manufacturer to resolve the problem.

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