For photographers.. be careful if you have 5000 followers on Twitter and Facebook

The Egyptian Parliament passed a draft law to regulate the press and media, includes text, considering personal accounts on social networking sites, such as Facebook and twitter, as well as to blogs as websites, if the number of follow-up of 5 thousand people or more.

The law provides that the personal accounts on social networking sites, websites and personal blogs, who over the follow-up of about 5 thousand people, will apply decisions of the publication ban and penalties for the broadcast of false news or the opposition or contrary to law, such as media entities and health.

And the draft law of the Supreme Council for media regulation, the appointed government, to monitor and take legal action against bloggers and users of Twitter and Facebook, who have 5 thousand follow-up and more, if the Board determines that they are spreading false information or inciting illegal acts, violence or hatred.

According to the draft law, it will be blocking the site among other actions it deems the Supreme Council of information appropriate to deal with this supposed.

And on this article of law, commented the head of the house of Representatives, Dr. Ali Abdel-al, said: “this money is important, and 5 thousand-up joint has a personal account is named owner to the audit, there are States available at 500-up and not 5 thousand”, according to what was published by the newspaper the previous day .

According to the newspaper The Telegraph British, the government has adopted the source of many of the bloggers and activists of adults on social networking sites, and those who follow their a large number of users, last year, after criticizing the reforms of the current economic in Egypt, which led to a significant rise in the prices of goods and services.

Book The Egyptian government has many websites, over the past period, such as the location of the extent of Egypt, and human rights groups, like human rights watch, which sees many targeted opponents for their criticism of the State or support to the peaceful protests on its decisions.

The law incorporated other texts, the organization of the work of the press and information, such as the prohibition of a license or permit to establish any means of the press or media or a website, based on religious discrimination or sectarian, or gender, or origin, or calls to activity of the tail of a confidential nature, or move on porn, hatred or violence, or calling for the exercise of the activity of the principles of democracy.

As law includes an article stipulating that no one shall be launching websites in Egypt, or management, or the management of the offices or branches to websites operating from outside the Republic, only after obtaining a permit from the Supreme Council for media regulation, in accordance with the conditions and controls established by in this regard.

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