For the first time Amazon reveal the number of subscribers of prime

أمازون برايم

أمازون برايم

Don’t talk to Amazon’s usually about the number of subscribers to its paid web opinion analysts are subject to changes that may stay away from health, but this is the first time divulge in which Jeff bezos, Executive Director of the company on the number of participants the official after 13 years of the launch of the service.

In his letter to shareholders, bezos said that there are more than 100 million joint services Prime payments, it appears that the company waited for this record to him for the first time.

Last year was the best performance of more number of new subscribers during the year and also the number of products that were shipped to the participants which amounted to more than five billion products.

Worth mentioning that Amazon has conducted several adjustments to the subscription price for those who wish to jointly Co., Ltd. as a monthly subscription where she had lowered them earlier to $ 10.99, and then raise it to 12.99 dollars, web annual subscription price $ 99 the fixed.

Enjoy the A common service Prime added benefits such as fast shipping within two days and within the United States and video-on-demand and exclusive offers special discounts.


Trading the city for the first time Amazon reveal the number of subscribers to Prime appeared first on the tech world.

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