For the first time in Morocco.. resection of the tumor using the technique of circulation foreign with an axe – Al3omk

15 July 2020 – 23:20

Managed team medical nursing multidisciplinary part of the center’s University Hospital Hassan II of Fez, in the surgery complex is the first of its kind in Morocco, to eradicate lung trachea readiness technique circulation external.

He cited a communication centre, in the hospital, and that the process is enabled to save the life of a patient aged 49 years was suffering from a cancerous tumor malignancy at the level of the lung and the torso main to the trachea the right which met the trunk of the main vein are extended to the very place to split the story two late the lungs and the inside of the membrane of the heart.

The cost of property that surgical intervention in the use of the technique of circulation of Foreign Affairs which enabled the resection of the complete tumor cancer, which contributed to the recovery of the kidneys and prompt the patient, as highlighted by the laboratory tests and examinations carried out after the process. As his side of this surgical intervention of the committee to the only option he could, which is chemotherapy and radiation is the nature of palliative only, not curative pure.

Thanks to the success of this delicate operation, to high efficiency frameworks for medical and nursing staff and its competences (surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiovascular disease, recovery after and blood circulation outside the body).

As to provide the centre’s University Hospital Hassan II on mechanisms and fittings and surgical equipment and technology necessary to conduct this kind of surgical interventions microflora contributed significantly to the success of this surgery.

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