For the first time the police were able to confiscate bitcoins from a drug dealer and leave a part of yourself

The Surrey police became the first law enforcement Agency, who managed to withdraw bitcoin from a drug dealer. As usual, not without its amazing history. It is of interest that some of the money the police will leave themselves.

The citizen of Latvia Sergei Tereshko was convicted for drug trafficking and money laundering. He needs to lose income from his criminal activities in accordance with the decision of the court. Seized and those revenues that a drug dealer kept in bitcoin.

Court Kingston crown acknowledged that Tereshko earned his criminal activities 2058612,65 pound. Of them, he must pay 1447935,7 pound. This amount includes 295 bitcoins taken away by Surrey police. According to the Financial Times, the police will get 18.8% of recovered funds.

The story of the arrest

The arrest of the drug dealer happened unexpectedly. His accomplices told the police about the kidnapping Tereshko, after which it began investigating and found the kidnapper’s drug lab. Home Tereshko found cash, a bitcoin wallet and other valuables. By the way, the day after the theft he returned home safely, but was arrested.

How to withdraw bitcoins

295 bitcoins found in wallet from a drug dealer, moved the wallet to the police of Surrey. The amount could translate into a pound and confiscate the law on income from criminal activities. 295 bitcoin managed to sell over 1246279 pounds. This means that the police have received approximately 5498 dollars for each bitcoin. This is the first time the law on incomes from criminal activities were applied in this way.

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Tereshko is in jail, and we sit in our cozy Telegram chat.

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