For the first time .. Tik Tok reveals detailed numbers to


TikTok has revealed detailed numbers related to the number of active monthly US and global users for the first time in the lawsuit challenging the US government over the ban, which is due to go into effect next month.

TikTok revealed in the filings that the number of monthly active users has grown by about 800 percent since January 2018, when the app was used by nearly 11 million Americans.

This number doubled after about a year to about 27 million, and the total number of active Tik Tok users in the United States rose to more than 91 million by June 2020, that is, after months of epidemiological quarantine.

The app said earlier this month: More than 100 million Americans are monthly active users, and TikTok also revealed that it has more than 50 million American daily users.

Here are the details of the growth of Tik Tok users in the United States:

  • January 2018: 11,262,970 monthly active users in the United States.
  • February 2019: 26,739,143 monthly active users in the United States.
  • October 2019: 39,897,768 monthly active users in the United States.
  • June 2020: 91937040 monthly active users in the United States.
  • August 2020: Over 100 million monthly active users in the United States.

Globally, Tik Tok has witnessed similar increases in the number of users, and the application said: It has about 55 million global users by January 2018.

This number swelled to more than 271 million by December 2018 and 507 million by December 2019, according to detailed figures.

The app crossed 2 billion global downloads this month and reported nearly 700 million monthly active users in July.

Here is a breakdown of the growth of Tik Tok users globally:

  • January 2018: 54,793,729 active users globally.
  • December 2018: 271,188,301 active users globally.
  • December 2019: 507,552,660 active users worldwide.
  • July 2020: 689,174,209 active users globally.

The fight video application ban effectively in the United States after Trump considered management data storage risk to national security because the parent company for the application, byte breakdance (ByteDance), is based in China.

In the lawsuit against the US government that was filed on Monday, the app said: The United States has no evidence that the app shares data with the Chinese government, and the government has prevented the app from taking due legal measures.

TikTok tries to follow in the footsteps of Facebook's platform, which has about 2.7 billion monthly active users globally, based on the company's second-quarter deposit .

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