For those interested in developing their business.. Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Do you remember the Product name, Surface Hub from Microsoft? Probably won’t remember it, this is due to a number of reasons. Surface Hub is the first was big size and high price, where it exists in general for businesses only. Microsoft didn’t trading his failure to exactly where revealed that his sales were 5000 units only, but with Surface Hub 2 voice Microsoft you want to change it completely.

Introduces Surface Hub 2 this time the screen with a diameter of 50 and a half-inch 4K+, can roll with ease to become vertical as per use, which makes it suitable as a screen for the students or to review at a meeting or even place of the person video differently. The house put the screens next to each other to be a single large screen or put a screen over around the room as you use each screen role.

And you don’t want the Surface Hub 2 to be screen only, but a new way completely when you work and evaluate the content, thankfully, support the possibility to broadcast documents from the personal computer directly or through a smartphone, which can be achieved in the displayed content also supports touch screen of course. In addition the company is well integrated with the application Teams of Microsoft in trying to attract users of Slack and other apps similar.

According to Microsoft, the company made available to customers to accurately address the future needs of them and their implementation through an Information Technology expert who works for the company too, where he describes one of the officials in the company’s experience of using the Surface Hub 2 as an experiment to use a smartphone, be changed by the user with time.

Although it seems far from commonplace however it is now closer to reality and practical than ever. Microsoft with its interest in market-oriented products to everyone or the average user is also trying to look to business owners who want to adapt the technology to make the most of them to work in the most efficient and best form.

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