For trade.. shop Google deletes application chat UAE ToTok for the second time

Delete Google Play Store for apps “Play Store” Play Store application chat UAE “Tutak” ToTok, for the second time, because of being accused of spying for the UAE authorities.

Remove Google application “Tutak” ToTok UAE for the first time at the end of last year, after the circulation of News published by the newspaper “New York Times” of America about the use of the UAE authorities to investigate the tracking of talks and geographical locations and the details of app users on their phones, as the shadow of the banned app on the Apple Store for apps “App Store” App Store, to be returned the app to follow Google in January, before it is deleted again.

Continued the Communications Regulatory Authority in the United Arab Emirates denied the spying accusations addressed to the authorities, stressing that the country’s laws prohibiting any kind of violation of data and illegal recognition.

Recall that the company “Brij holding out” Breej Holding, the developer of the development of the “total you” ToTok, has launched in 2019, its use spread with the submission of the Office of information and correspondence free to millions of users.

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