For two weeks, the cryptocurrency market have fallen by 20 percent

In the past year the price of Bitcoin has reached 20 thousand dollars. Fans of cryptocurrency believe that this could happen again, but at the moment the market of digital currencies falls. Within two weeks of its market capitalization fell by 20 percent, and the cost of Bitcoin reached $ 6,500. Since the beginning of the month it fell by 13 percent.

Price dropped and other popular cryptocurrencies. Ethereum fell 2.5 percent, XRP 6.9 percent, Stella 6 percent, and EOS was 8.4 percent. The total cryptocurrency market capitalization dropped from $ 300 billion to $ 250 billion.

The fall of the cryptocurrency market is associated with a delay in the adoption of regulations for cryptocurrency. They would allow institutional investors hesitate to start shopping with Bitcoin. The absence of these regulations and the delay in their adoption would have a negative impact on the market.

Despite all this, our colleagues from constantly talk about the experts who believe in the ascent of Bitcoin to the level of 50 thousand dollars by the end of this year. It seems hard to believe that something like this could happen, but we continue to observe how the cryptocurrency is evolving in our world. Can discuss this in our chat.

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