For users of Android phones … a new feature in the google play Store

Developed Store google play a new feature for all its users, often want to download and experience more applications and games on your Android phone but at the same time find that a large number of those applications has become with the passage of time is not a user and takes away from the phone’s internal memory which leads to slow performance, but it seems that Google offering a solution so to help you in maintaining the speed of your phone.

How the feature works with google play Store New

ميزة جديدة في متجر google play لمستخدمي هواتف AndroidA new feature in the google play Store for users of Android phones

Website monitoring that some of the users of Android have started to receive notifications from Google Play Store to inform users that they can clean up storage space by deleting unused apps, where clicking on the notification to bring users to the Play Store, and you can see the list of your applications and tell your list size application, and the date used last time, so you can determine which applications you think would be useful but is not open.

This function may be useful for people who do not have significant experience in technology, nor do they understand the various options already existing to remove applications that are not feasible, such as files from Google, or the apps clean phone that you can download to help organize some of the storage units, however if you are particularly interested in applications that you download, then you certainly will use those notices to you with details of your use of those applications and give you a good indicator for those that don’t need it.

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