For users of Android.. specification modification Google in chat the Rcs

System was Google Chat RCS on Android devices slow considerably, and you can blame in part on the telecommunications companies, because the format of text messages to the next generation usually depends on the networks that add support for this chat, it has been the compatibility with this chat is incomplete at best, now and in an attempt to modify that Google is willing to take care of things yourself, you’ll the internet giant’s services, RCS users of Android in the United Kingdom and France later in the month of June, Allowing them to choose to participate via the messaging application in the statute to Google regardless of the quality of a communications company they are dealing with.

How to modified the Google Chat system Rcs

جوجل تُعدل في دردشة Rcs لمستخدمي Android بشكل متميزGoogle adjusted in the chat Rcs for users of Android in a distinct

The company explained that instead of relying on a central server depends on the company and contacts (as is the case with iMessage from Apple), the support will be directly from Google’s servers itself, which will make the chat not firmly attached or the speed of the communications network, if that happens, you’ll get Media high quality and other perks that come with the technology, Google passes messages through its servers (though they are deleted once delivered), but this in the end is the decentralized approach does not require the support of the network operator or put complete control in the hands of one party.

Weaknesses in chat RCS is still a list, it’s not encrypted end-to-end, so spam can read your messages, as it is linked to your phone number, so you do not have the ability to enter the style of iMessage chat on the devices non-phone, and when Google with the RCS you will need to keep your files attached temporarily in addition to data such as phone number and IMSI.

The company said it’s “committed to finding a solution” to chat safe however will not choose texts to the vacuum if you turn to the phone does not support RCS, this does not mean that Google has abolished the problem of chat RCS finally forever, as they do not have a schedule to bring the technology to chat to the other countries, but at the same time, the last modification that made it the system of the chat better than ever.

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