For watch OS 5 will be released the jailbreak. But why?

In the near future for watchOS 5 can go full jailbreak. Developing a tool for hacking hours does a hacker with the alias ethanpepro. There are serious doubts in expediency of this undertaking: what extra features can bring the tool to hack, given that we are talking about such a niche product like the Apple Watch?

About his intentions to release a jailbreak for watchOS, enthusiast said on Twitter. As proof of his words, he demonstrated the process of hacking on the Apple Watch.

According to ethanpepro, unlock and jailbreak will compatible with all generations of the Apple Watch running watch OS 4.0-5.1.2. It is expected that the jailbreak tool will be released open-source course, and the installation process will not cause difficulties even for beginners.

Also in the plans of a hacker to create an alternative app store like Cydia for the iPhone. This means that the Apple Watch will be able to install various tweaks and additions: for example, to add new dials, or unblock regional restrictions. However, the enthusiast did not go into details and did not disclose a specific timeframe for implementation.

If you are planning to install a jailbreak on your Apple Watch, you should ensure that they work for the supported Assembly. Otherwise, use a tool to hack will be simply impossible. Unfortunately Apple does not allow you to select the version for the Apple Watch — like feature is only on iOS devices, and then only for a limited time while OS build is signed by the company’s servers.

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A tool to hack watch OS 4.0-5.1.2 is available for download in the fourth quarter of 2019. Follow updates on the official website.

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