Ford created a “smart” bed, solves the problem many couples

Ford is known not only as a car manufacturer, but also as the inventor of the other equipment, which sometimes looks quite bizarre. For example, earlier she created a baby cot which simulates mild noise and vibration of a moving car, which help some children fall asleep faster. Recently the company introduced a new bed, which this time is meant for adults. She addresses the common among couples when the second half constantly intrudes on the second part of the bed and prevents your loved one to sleep.

«Умная» кровать Ford

According to the author of the book “How to sleep well” Neil Stanley, this issue sometimes becomes the reason of rupture of relations. According to him, during sleep, people are very vulnerable and able to Wake up every time when someone unexpectedly touches. Frequent awakenings during one night can so spoil the holiday that the person may feel tired throughout the next day.

«Умная» кровать Ford

After talking with Neil Stanley, the company Ford decided to fix this problem by implementing one of its automotive technologies in the home the bed. In her car there is a save function of the lane — when the wheels are approaching the bands, role-playing the wheel rotates automatically, giving the driver aware of the deviation. About the same way and has a new “smart” bed.

It consists of a conveyor belt, which moves a soft surface to the left or right when one of the sleepers intrudes on the other side. To recognize these moments, the bed uses pressure sensors. Thus, when one person is on the other side, he immediately moved to his side — no one is awakened from a sound sleep.

At the moment the bed is on the concept stage. Whether there is it in sale yet. However, for a good night’s sleep, you can just follow some rules, for example, inspect the room light sources. It is proved that they can cause depression.

And how often do you interfere with sleep and how? Your answer write in the comments, and to discuss a new invention by Ford in our Telegram chat.

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