Ford has shown how the simulation center the weather

On the pages of our website we already wrote about the fact that Ford is planning to build a “weather condition factory”. But to talk about the plans much less interesting than seeing the finished product in action. And recently, representatives of Ford published a video about the new center for the simulation of the weather.

Center for the study of weather conditions is located in Cologne, Germany. The cost of the complex amounted to 70 million euros. For the money, had erected a building about the size of a football field on the territory of which it is possible simultaneously to test 10 cars. The centre allows the simulation of different weather conditions: strong wind, heavy rain, snowfall, arid desert climate and so on. The air in different areas of the complex can be cooled to minus 40 degrees Celsius or heat to plus 55 degrees, and the humidity can be adjusted from 0 to 95%.

The research complex is designed to test cars in different conditions. It’s literally Packed with the most modern technology. For example, in one of the sections 28 floodlights with lamps with a capacity of 4000 Watt imitate bright sunlight that allows you not only to test the wear and tear of the body, but also to check how the air conditioning system in the car. Another section allows you to create a real snowfall or heavy rain and to assess how the accumulated snow and water in the body. Other details about the “weather factory” you can see from the video below.

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