Ford is investing $ 500 million in the company rustic two electric cars

فورد تستثمر 500 مليون دولار في شركة ريفيان للسيارات الكهربائية

Announced the Ford Motor Company for their investment of $ 500 million in electric car company emerging rural today; to be the basis of a strategic partnership between the two companies for the manufacture of electric cars under the Ford brand and building on the architecture firm rural Special, didn’t remember Ford any other details about its electric car coming from the womb of this partnership.

After this announcement large investment has become the issue of the refusal of rural investments in General Motors since the days of the more pronounced, where the pant today one of the partnerships that you have chosen a company to work the exclusive General Motors manufacture electric cars, it also revealed a company executive, to invest $ 700 million from Amazon in the rural Sudan not to work on the electric car played a role in the desire of General Motors to the work of rural has it exclusively before entering the Ford on this line.

In the same context, we can see the extent of mutual benefit between the two companies this page investment where you got the rustic to the huge liquidity that would offer much in the service of the Marib company to maintain itself as an independent company as well as serving Ford in achieving marked progress in the production line of environmentally friendly vehicles which will market in the near future.

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  1. The latest bout of Teslamania–the carmaker’s stock is up more than 9% in 2015—is due to CEO Elon Musk offering another $642 million in company shares No matter that he will be even later with his electric SUV crossover, and will sell fewer cars this year than he promised

  2. Ford’s Chairman, William C Ford Jr , said in a recent interview, “We can learn a lot from Rivian, how quickly they turn around ideas There’s a great benefit from working with a clean-sheet approach to electric vehicles ” This investment just solidifies the changing dynamic of the automotive industry

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