Ford officially confirmed the acquiring company to Spin specialized in renting electric bikes


There are many companies that offer the possibility of renting motorcycles in the United States of America. Some of these services added up electric bikes to its fleet. This mode of Transportation has become very very popular in the country, and therefore it is not surprising to hear now that the company Ford has now decided the acquisition of a company specialized in bike rental, called Spin.

It has been rumored that the company Ford was interested in acquisition of US company Spin earlier this year, and now it turns out that those rumors were true. Confirmed Company Ford acquiring this company now, but did not disclose financial details of the transaction.

Offered a Spin a bicycle rental service electric in 13 the City University of the United States of America. It is imposed on users $ 1 to rent a electric bike and 15 cents per minute. After the acquisition company the Ford we have now, it has decided to Spin the launch of its service in Detroit as part of the company’s plan to bring its services to 100 cities over the coming 18 months.

Has confirmed the company Spin it will continue to operate as an independent company under the umbrella of Ford, particularly the Department of Smart Mobility and its and interested strategy of transport taken my car. Having now become the property of Ford, it has become a company can Spin now access a greater range of resources, this is why they will now its team of designers, engineers, operators lawyers.


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