Ford will invest US $ 11 billion on electric vehicles by the year 2022

Ford Self-driving

The company Ford is not only interested in cars self-driving, they are a specialty also a large amount of money for their efforts in the development of electric cars full. Announced that the American company recently announced that it would increase the investments planned in the sector of electric cars significantly. In fact, he announced Ford that it will invest US $ 11 million by the year 2022 will be the lineup consisting of 40 hybrid car and electric full. This was confirmed by the CEO of Ford, Mr. Bill Ford at the Detroit Auto Show.

The company Ford had previously reported they want to invest 4.5 billion USD in its ambitions for electric cars by 2020. The company now increase the initial investment planned amount of pressure with the knowledge that this investment would also cover the cost of developing the structures of the electric car.

The company has already reported that it will require $ 14 million in costs over the next five years and transfer of investment capital away from the sedan, and the diesel engines to work on more trucks and electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles.

The company plans to Ford to add the 40 electric cars to its world by the year 2022, about 16 of those cars would be fully Electric while the rest will be a hybrid. With regard to this subject, said the company Ford said : ” We’re all in this together, and we’ll take our cars home, cars, the most famous of our, and converted to electric cars “. The company says that in case if you want to be successful in the electric car market, it should do so with their policies, the most popular already.

The company Ford is actually a suspense for the coming of the electric car all-wheel drive called the March 1 intended to launch in 2020.


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