Forecast a new decrease in shipments of smartphones globally this year by 3.1%


The latest figures and statistics issued by the institution Canalys specialized in Market Research expects another year bleak sales of smartphones on a global level due to the potential for sales by 3.1 percent compared with the year 2018. Analysts predict that the sale of 1.35 million smartphone by the end of this year, which are sales that are less compared to the year 2018 when it was sold 1.39 million smart phone.

Take the new report in the account of the ban imposed by the US government on Huawei, which prevents the latter from using the software and equipment of U.S. companies. The report also predicts the increased opportunities for other brands such as Samsung under Mode the Huawei currently. The other major factor of the slowing sales of smartphones globally is the lack of new innovative features.

On this subject, said analyst Rushabh Doshi Foundation, Canalys said : ” still the smart phone market is suffering from exhaustion and lack of innovative features. That customers pay for their smartphones longer than before “.

With regard to the future, the foundation expects to Canalys positive growth of smartphones in the year 2020 so that they are available to reach global sales of about 1.39 million units, this means an increase of 3.4 percent. You’ll recover some areas faster than other areas due to the difference of the length of the life cycles of smartphones.


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