Forecast anonymous trader at the exchange rate of Bitcoin is coming to pass with stunning accuracy

In January one of the anonymous users of 4chan posted a price prediction Bitcoin in the future. His post would be lost very quickly, if not for one thing — to date forecast of anonymous come true with stunning accuracy. Unknown people painted the implied value of the digital asset until November 2020.

Today Bitcoin is trading at 9525 dollars. For the past day main cryptocurrency has risen by 1.33 percent. Judging by the forecast, by the end of 2020, total market capitalization must rise up to $ 1.5 trillion. The index of dominance of Bitcoin will not exceed 46 percent.

The prophecy was true?

In the section /biz emigrate on 4chan again increased the number of new posts. After a lull in 2018 anonymous traders return to fellowship and make new incredible predictions of the future of the stock market. The above prediction was published by anonymous on January 21, when Bitcoin was trading for $ 3,600.

Unknown said that traders will never be lucky enough to see BTC at such a low price. 15 Dec 2018 the market has bottomed out and is since then constantly growing. In the next few months, the cryptocurrency will go up, and then comes the main phase bullrun — a sharp jerk of Bitcoin to a new historic maximum.

Prediction of July — BTC for 9200 dollars. The month is not over yet, but yesterday, Bitcoin is still down to the desired mark. Another part of the anonymous predictions were already fulfilled. We will remind, in the beginning of the message he talked about the price of 5300 $ for BTC in April.

Source: Cryptopotato

So, the next goal for captainvalor — 16 thousand dollars per Bitcoin by the end of October. In February 2020, the cryptocurrency must rise up to 29 thousand dollars. Let’s hope everything goes as planned anonymous scenario. In this case, we have every reason to believe in technical analysis and his truthfulness.

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