Forecast harvesting AirPods for $ 4 billion of revenue quarterly for Apple

Apple Airpods

Initially, it was the irony of headphones AirPods when it was launched for the first time because of the price and design, but despite the ridicule I suffered in the beginning, it soon gained huge popularity all over the world. To what extent their success? Well, according to the memorandum of recent research by Asymco, it could be headphones AirPods on its way to beat the sales of the iPod during the climax.

The report says that based on current trends and the popularity of the device, it can stand headphones AirPods soon behind about $ 4 billion of revenue to Apple’s quarterly, and she returns that she was getting her iPod to Apple during its peak in the year 2007. Assuming that this is true, it represents a big change for Apple, although it does not represent a surprise.

Frequency lately that Apple may have sold up to 3 million units during the holiday end of the week of Thanksgiving thanks to the overwhelming response on electronic products Consumer days Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We heard in the month of November the past also that Apple was looking to double the production of AirPods Pro.

There were also rumors lately indicates that Apple may be considering actually attach the headphones AirPods with the iPhones of the future, although we imagine that this step will make the company lose a significant portion of the proceeds.


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