Forecast to stop Facebook from trying to integrate Facebook and Epe liner

Company seeks Facebook a while ago to merge all of the apps social media Facebook and Epe liner, except that the company is facing some obstacles from the Commission FTC have paid to attempts to integrate applications.

First came leaks about the company’s plans Facebook page to develop the algorithm of the police service to support the application integration of social media in the month of January of this year, and then the company confirmed its plans during the F8 conference.

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However, the latest published detail about the development plans of Facebook on the ground, indicate that the Federal Trade Commission in the United States may prevent the implementation of the merger between the apps WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram.

I have confirmed the recently published report on that the decision of the Federal Trade Commission in the United States came against the process of integrating these services, forecasts indicate that the criticism and the problems experienced by the company Facebook during the financial period as a result of the diversion of data loggers, it was the main reason for the merger is due to the presence of new dangers of violation of users ‘ privacy.

Recall that the company Facebook controls 66% of the market social media services in the world, which may pay the company for the year strongly to finish the merger in the coming period.


I know of

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