Foreign affairs of America lifts ban on Huawei for a period of 90 days, and renew license Android cached

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

All indicators do not show that he would be lifting the ban on Huawei in any time soon, but this is not surprising because the decision is still new. As we mentioned earlier, the Google company to withdraw the license Android from Huawei, where he was forced to do so by order of the US President Donald Trump. In the meantime, the US Commerce Department to defer some of the penalties imposed on the company Huawei for about 90 days starting from today.

In this period, the company will be able to Huawei from buying American-made goods ” in order to maintain the network and provide updates to the software for Phones Huawei current“, at least according to a report from news agency Reuters. However, ” the police are still prohibited from buying gear and plug made in the United States for the manufacture of new products without obtaining the necessary permits that are likely to be rejected “.

Been suspended revoked license Android for 90 days also, which means that it can still Huawei in the present version updates Android their current. However, it remains to be seen whether this time frame is long enough to ensure the bringing update Android Q for Huawei current, but we assume that China will do its utmost to bring this new version of Android to the identity of its smart.

Still Huawei is not able to launch any new smartphone is not supported by Google to use applications and services. For phone two Honor 20, Honor 20, Pro, the understanding of the unintended it, and it is the same with the phone. for Huawei Mate X. But for for new phones which were planned to be launched later this year, it seems her fate is unknown at the moment.

Postponement of the ban will be valid until 19 August, and possibly facilitate the United States and China things on the Huawei, through further trade negotiations.

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