Forget the Google Assistant if you want to connect a Bluetooth phone headset

We were not able to reproduce this problem, but some Internet users report that Google Assistant on their smartphone mutes itself when you use certain Bluetooth devices. This problem may seem insignificant and not worth much attention, but owners of cars using Android Auto this definitely does not agree.

Why muted Google Assistant

It seems that not all devices are affected, a new problem of an Assistant, since we could not reproduce it on any of our smartphones or connected Bluetooth accessory. But, according to a large number of complaints from the network, Google Assistant disables the sound in the moment when pauses playback of music or other media content to answer the user’s query. This means that you will not be able to hear you confirm the command, and to the questions posed to the assistant, to answer too, will fail. As you can imagine, this can be especially frustrating when you use Android Auto via Bluetooth, where Assistant is the primary means of interaction with the system.

Those who are faced with a problem, associate it with updating the device to Android 9 Pie, although it could also be caused by something else, e.g. update or Google Play Services. Reports about the problem, as it turned out, began to arrive around September or October of last year. Among the devices that are affected with the problem are Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 and P20 Pro, but this list could be much longer.

How to solve the problem with the mute Google Assistant

Again, since we are unable to reproduce this issue, we can’t speculate regarding its causes or what can be more common in those she touched, but complaints about it are quite popular on the Internet. One of the affected users have recorded a video demonstrating the problem.

Despite the fact that on the help forums and Google Android Auto Assistant has more than a dozen individual topics with more than 150 replies (and maybe more), none of these topics have not received adequate response from Google, which would have described a solution to popular problems. As someone this problem spoils the blood for more than six months, it is hoped that the intentional silence is a sign that the hard problem is solved.

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