“Forgotten” immunoglobulin effectively protected from HIV

Deadly diseases often require the development of new methods of treatment. However, as the saying goes, “new is well forgotten old”. For example, recently a group of researchers from the Texas biomedical research Institute have discovered a pretty effective drug for protection against HIV. Moreover, it was long “forgotten” class of immunoglobulin.

As reported by our colleagues from the publication EurekAlert, the excellent protective properties of immunoglobulin class M — Immunoglobulin M, or, if easier, IgM. It is, in fact, is the “first line” of defense in our body. In response to the infection, immunoglobulin M recognizes a foreign agent, whose structure is different from “their”. It then settles to a foreign agent and sends a signal to the protective cells of the immune system. They, in turn, meeting such object, is marked by immunoglobulin, destroying it.

Previously it was thought that the effect of the IgM is too short and he fails to give a signal to the immune system. Therefore researches in this direction were stopped. However, scientists from the Texas biomedical research Institute have developed a new preparation based on the IgM, which was tested on laboratory animals. Mucosa of animals treated with the drug, and then injected them with human immunodeficiency virus. After 3 months of follow up has been conducted an analysis and found that four of the six animals were found to be HIV-negative. That is, they get infected. According to one of the authors of Ruth Ruprecht,

“Our study for the first time revealed the protective capacity of IgM against HIV. IgM has five times higher capacity of the virus, compared with the standard form of the antibody IgG, which opens a wide scope for research and creating new drugs.”

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