Formally : ad-coming of WhatsApp by next year

رسمياً : الاعلانات قادمه لتطبيق واتس آب العام القادمofficially : ads coming to WhatsApp by next year

Formally : ad-coming of WhatsApp by next year

It’s time to pay the bill, has not been implemented Mark Zuckerberg’s decision a $ 22 million five years ago just to put his hand hand the dangers of his country for data and voice to billions of people via WhatsApp, but he wants to win them money too.

The company announced officially via Twitter that the ad is coming to develop messaging the first in the world, WhatsApp, owned since 2014 , and will come adverts across a situation or Status provided by the police almost a year ago.


So expect a year from now I see the announcement for your favorite while you didn’t do more than watch case somebody contacts you to WhatsApp.

Zuckerberg pledged to keep WhatsApp is free and without ads when it was acquired by Facebook five years ago, but who trusts in the statements of these executives?

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