Formally: advertising for my phone Shawty mi A2 and A2 Lite

Revealed Shao before a few of my phone water A2 water A2 Lite with Android Wen and specifications strong compared to the price.

Android one is Android raw without the interface of MIUI, features get system updates quickly, as it will be water A2 water A2 Lite of the first phones that will receive the update to Android P.

Features water A2 processor Snapdragon 660 and the structure of the aluminum, and because the phones Shawty price cheap know camera expected range, the company said that the main focus of the phone was the camera.

Phone Shawty mi A2

Comes water A2 a 6 inch dimensions 18:9 accurately FHD, there is a reader the insight of danger, and a USB Port-C down, but removed a separate headset 3.5 mm, as there is no support of the card to the external microSD, so we find that the thickness of the phone is 7.3 mm only.

Thanks to the Processor Snapdragon 660, the latest processors available devices, is expected to be the performance of water A2 the fastest 20% of the phones processors Snapdragon 636 and 80% of the phones processors 625.

The operating system is Android Wen as we mentioned, and the battery capacity is 3,000 mAh.

The camera

Come back camera in portrait mode, the main lens accurately 12 maps and secondary accurately 20 maps, and each Aperture two f/1.75 to capture more light, also supports the lens secondary the technique of “pixel binning” that destroy 4 pixels into one to increase light sensitivity and reduce the bug when you capture photos in low light, thanks to the vertical position of the Camera Dual and strengthening of the artificial intelligence improved so much shooting in porter.

In the front, we find the camera 20 maps supports shooting in portrait and highlight more of the face at the same time the status of porter, thanks to the LED flash, the experience of selfie at night very good.

Camera images

Pricing and availability

From the Shawnee for access to sale water A2 in 40 countries, the beginning of Spain on July 27 next, then some countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Declared Shao from the prices in Europe are as follows:

Model 4 gigabytes of RAM + 32 gigabytes storage capacity = 249 euros, approximately 1,094 SAR.

Model 4 gigabytes of RAM + 64 gigabytes storage capacity = 279 euros, approximately 1,226 SAR.

Model 6 gigabytes of RAM + 128 gigabytes storage capacity = 349 euros, approximately 1,534 SAR.

Phone Shawty mi A2 Lite

Comes with a 5.84 inches accurately QHD+ dimensions 19:9 by addressing the less powerful, the Snapdragon 625, but with a battery of 4,000 mAh, it also uses a microUSB port, and port headset 3.5 mm.

Main camera Double in a strictly vertical position 12+5 its supports the advantages such as setting the porter and the focus comes a girl smaller f/2.2, front camera accurately 5 maps.

Will be available Mi A2 Lite in the same States in the Middle East and Africa, priced at 179 euros (787 yr) for 3/32 gigabytes and is priced at 229 euros (1006 SR) for the 4/64 gigabytes.

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