Formally : Facebook launches portfolio for the encrypted digital next year

فيس بوك تطلق محفظة للعملات الرقمية المشفرة العام القادمFacebook launches portfolio for the encrypted digital next year

Formally : Facebook launches portfolio for the encrypted digital next year

The network announced Facebook via the news room your doing it will launch a portfolio (Calibra) the digital work and encrypted officially next year 2020 .

Said on Facebook that this portfolio aims to “provide financial services that will enable individuals access to the Libra and participation” .

Portfolio expected will be through the technique of block Chi especially has been developed by Facebook and with the support of MasterCard and Visa and PayPal and eBay, and Uber, Lyft and Spotify, among others, multiple other, as confirmed by the company .

Confirmed on Facebook that nearly half of adults in the world do not have a bank account active, these figures are worse in developing countries, but it’s worse for women”.

Work Facebook digital

She added : “the cost of this exclusion is high, for example, lacks about 70 per cent of small businesses in developing countries access to credit, preferably migrants $ 25 million annually through fees and remittances”.

Will be available service in apps Facebook different, such as WhatsApp user Instagram, in addition to the application of Facebook the same the main .

And Facebook confirm that she wants to provide more services to people and businesses, including the ability to pay bills easily, and buy a cup of coffee by scanning a code and use it to ride public transport without the need for money or material possessions.

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