Formally: Honor to reveal the launch date of phones supporting fifth generation 5G

Logo mark of HONOR

Announced HONOR the leading brand in the sector of smart phones on our plan to ask the organs of 5G with the aim of providing a series of smart phones that enjoy the specs a strong and well established to meet the expectations of users and the needs of the new network. Revealed HONOR it will launch the first smart phone the network of the fifth generation in the last quarter of 2019, emphasizing the commitment to users of its devices experience the rich advantages of high performance.

This achieved the HONOR of the race to be one of the first brands that launches devices smart phones the network of the fifth generation in the year 2019, especially with the start of the telecommunications companies in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in fifth-generation networks.

Commenting on the permit of the company, said Chris San being the president of HONOR in the Middle East and Africa:

“2019 track experiences to consumers on the level of exploration of a network of the fifth generation and its applications in smart phones will be the crystallization of their needs and expectations of them”.

He added: “I decided to HONOR a long time ago to make the support network of the fifth generation one of its priorities, and our goal hard to meet the expectations of consumers, present and future of smartphones for the fifth generation”.

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These natural step to prevent traces Christian HONOR, they are from brands that have experienced rapid growth at the global and regional levels due to its concession to provide the experience of a user advanced cameras supported by artificial intelligence and unprecedented performance advantages leading to the identity of its smartphone at an affordable price.

For example, in China, made phone HONOR 20 record sales have reached over a million units in just 14 days, and the phone HONOR 20 PRO, which is available in China, with sales amount total amazing total of 100 million yuan within three seconds of its launch.

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