Formally : referral loophole WhatsApp to the US Justice Department

رسمياً : إحالة ثغرة تطبيق واتس آب الى وزارة العدل الامريكيةofficially : referral loophole WhatsApp to the US Department of Justice

Said application WhatsApp and the Facebook on Tuesday that the breach of security for messaging own carries the hallmarks of a private company working in the field of surveillance and has referred to the U.S. Department of Justice.

It uses about 1.5 million people per month application WhatsApp, which is more messaging apps are popular.

A spokesman for WhatsApp that the attack was ”extremely sophisticated and ”all the hallmarks of a private company working with governments in the field of surveillance.“

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The spokesman said, ”WhatsApp encourages people to update the app download the latest version of it and update the operating system of the mobile phone itself to protect them from forms of exploitation exist and to penetrate the information stored on your mobile devices“.

He continued, ”We work constantly with our partners in the industry to provide the latest security enhancements to protect our users“.

He informed the WhatsApp main regulatory body in the European Union and the Irish Data Protection Commission ”vulnerability is a serious security“ on the platform.

The committee said in a statement, ”the committee understands that this vulnerability could have allowed malicious software unauthorized personal data or devices the application WhatsApp“.

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